Hi I trust Easter was a great break for you and it sets up a great midpoint to perhaps get your investments in order before the end of this year.

I must apologize that the automatic delivery of my final PDF was not delivered to everyone that has asked for it. It would appear that this has been happening for some time so apologies if you can't even remember asking for it.

However I have now fixed that problem with this link and it is here for you even if you can't remember or didn't ask for it.

Again my apologies and I hope you enjoy the read.

You'll see some tenant info for landlords and Excu-itis disease that makes or at least keeps people poor!

By the way if your looking for some good property investment opportunities and information you'll also find find a link within your download that I think you'll find most helpful.

Cheers for now and here's your free copy
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regards Tom