A Good Mortgage Broker Should Give And Live By A Guarantee

I personally believe a good mortgage broker should be more than happy to give and live by a personal guarantee:

One of the things that I personally believe in any business dealing is that an informed customer gets what they want.

I also realise that you are my business and my business lives on referals. Therefore the guarantee that I offer you ensures that I deliver to you exactly what you'd expect.

Very clearly and very simply...

I guarantee you a wide CHOICE of LOANS and personalised SERVICE you'd be happy to recommend your friends to!

It's something that in essence is my mission statement for my business which always focuses me on the service that I deliver to you.

It also ensures that if I live up to my guarantee my business thrives on referrals which means that you are happy and my business marketing becomes dominantly 'Word of Mouth'.


We know that you and all of our customers have and will appreciate our Golden 8 Service Guarantee that you experience when you talk with us for a solution to your financial needs.

'In fact we quite blatantly strive to offer service that is worthy of a testimonial and encourage you to leave yours if you believe we have lived up to our Golden 8 Service Guarantee'.

If after dealing with us you would like to help others that are possibly in the same position as you were before securing your mortgage through us by confirming any of our stated objectives, we welcome you to email your testimonial to us via our WealthWithProperty.com web site.

Obviously we would like the chance to consider your testimonial for use on our web site, future books, and other marketing opportunities, advertising and promotions.

Note: If you send us a testimonial via email or by post, we will confirm with you should we choose to use it publicly. And because video is an excellent median that can be used on the web we may even seek your participation in a video.

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