Wealth with Property? - 'It's not what you earn, but rather what you do with what you earn that really counts!' - Tom Reincke

Tom Reincke, Author of How to Build Wealth with Property on an Average Income

About Tom Reincke Author - 'How To Build Wealth With Property On An Average Income'

Tom was born in South Australia, raised in the country on a farm and educated to year 11 in a boarding school. Having natural manual skills won over the thought of becoming a commercial pilot and he started his working life as a farmer and grazer at the age of 16.

At the age of 23 he left the farm and headed west to Perth in his Ute with a swag and can do attitude. The plan of working his way around Australia turned into a job that saw him work all over Australia on a daily basis as a Flight Attendant with the now defunct Ansett Australia - (that departed from the Australian skies in late 2001.)

Using little more than his can-do attitude at the time, Tom set about achieving his childhood dream of becoming a millionaire by the time he was 40 and thought that buying a house in Perth was a good start.

An interstate job shift saw him sell that house for little profit after all the effort of DIY work. Realising that he had no idea of how to create wealth, he set about making it his business to find out. Not having read a book, especially anything to do with building wealth since school, things changed.

Books about wealth building information became a constant companion and a chance meeting with a passing mentor got him back into the property market purchasing a renovators delight.

Taking some 18 months to complete his first property renovation Tom then purchased another soon after.

This turned on the investment light and although he fulfilled his other passion of becoming a commercial pilot with great potential income, he decided to continue doing what he loved. Then he started to work a heck of a lot smarter with his money and as much of anyone else’s that the bank would give him.

This set the groundwork for further property purchases when he shifted to Sydney with his work and again in Brisbane with another work shift.

The rest as they say is history, but the ride has not always been smooth and a steep learning curve has proved expensive but valuable.

By chance Tom’s experience comes to you in the form of this book, ‘How To Build Wealth With Property on An Average Income’ after a minor accident saw him relatively immobile for some time. The ensuing months saw him jot his thoughts down as you now see in the form of this book in front of you.

Answering the question of what has been the major factor in his success Tom said,

“I think that the only thing that stands between me and anybody else is that I’ve actually just done it and that’s about it. Yes, I made many mistakes, and I had no real idea when I first started but that is why I passionately believe that anyone can do what I have done and do it better, especially if they avoid the costly mistakes that I didn’t.

Outside of luck, investing is certainly a learned thing, and if you can read, you can learn.”

So what’s happened since losing his job with Ansett Australia as a Flight Attendant?

Because Tom absolutely loved his job, not to mention the lifestyle that he enjoyed by default and the fantastic big family feeling in the work environment that was so evident, the collapse and suddenness of losing his job took some time to get over.

It was initially hard and took quite some time to find another industry that he was passionate in - so he went back to study to give himself options about his next career path.

The following two years saw him study and achieve 4 Diplomas in the subjects of:

1) Business

2) Work Place Training and Assessment

3) Exercise Science and Fitness Management, and lastly,

4) Public Safety. Yes, Policing of all things!

Tom says, “Some people looked at me sideways when I went from being a Farmer to a Flight Attendant (with all the connotations), and then did a double take when I went on to be a Police Officer.”

Tom ads, “I think life is about experience and while the experience of being a police officer was absolutely nothing short of brilliant, I can’t really recommend the job as either a career or a lifestyle. Frankly, I’ve never been so unfit, un-financed and fat as I was when I wore 'pineapples' on my shoulders! (I was with the Queensland Police service).

The gun belt was also way to heavy – something like 6 or 7 kgs with all your ‘stuff’ on it – torch, spray, baton, gun, spare ammo, handcuffs, capsicum spray, radio, and if there was any room left your phone.

Plus your note book in your pocket and those ever so silly ties that never made sense to me when we were grappling with members of society that really didn’t like police officers, and hats!!! that just don’t stay on your head!

With all this and other reasons that I cannot mention for obvious reasons, I therefore decided to move on just before my 3 years were up and take a look at the world and all the experiences that I am yet to have, as my oyster. Life is ever so short!”

Tom has obviously found and re-kindled his underlying passion in what has now given him the freedom to try the experiences that the world has to offer in property, investment and sharing this passion with others.

Tom has his focus on doing several things in the near immediate future. One is to obviously develop his web site WealthWithProperty.com so that others might enjoy the fruits of their labour before it’s too late and giving his book away for absolutely FREE is just a part of that.

Another is to drive a mining truck – ‘The big ones, the bigger the better’ quotes Tom.

Another is to become a Tour Guide in the 'Red Centre' simply because I can say from my days of flying that the Red Centre is something else again.

I think that Guide work in the Red Centre (or even Darwin for that matter) is a unique opportunity to combine my work experience and skills in an environment that proves to be a one of a kind experience.

Certainly it would get me back into an environment of the 'great out doors' (heat and flies included) that I am familiar with and thoroughly enjoy.

By the way, if you have not seen the 'Red Centre' ever, put it on your to do list! Especially if you're fortunate to see it after a drop of rain... The country literally springs to life with a sea of green and the wild life loves it!

And yet another 'thing' on the to do list is to achieve in the not too distant future, a Certificate IV in Financial Services. This will enable him to eventually develope his own business as a mortgage broker.

When asked why, Tom replied, “Because finance is an area that so many people can and want to improve in. It just so happens that I now have a pretty good handle on money, how it works or at least how to get it to work for me and would like to share my experience and help others do the same. Finance happens to be the first step in enabling others to do what I have done.

Hopefully my book will give others the information, motivation and kick in the behind that maybe needed for some to actually just go out there and do it!”

You know says Tom, “I could just get hold of some people by the jugular and give em a good ole neck squeeze and body shake and say if only you just do something about your financial future now and not leave it to later, you’ll love me in 10 years or so! – I have managed to help or at least positively influence many now good friends and that really does give me a feel good factor of 10!”

You can read of some of these people at the 'Property Profiles' link on the navigation bar you see to the left of this web page.

So in conclusion the final comment will be left to Tom.

“I wish you all the best with building your wealth with property and would love to hear of your success. Visit http://www.wealthwithproperty.com and either contact me personally or offer to pay your experience forward to other ‘want to be’ investors by submitting your investor profile.

I know others would appreciate your story and I thank you in advance.

Lastly, if you think I can help you in any way shape of form or you would like to just ask me a question re my web site or book, simply email me via the contact me link on my web site.

Alternatively, give me a call via the phone number that you will receive when you use the contact me link on my web site. I’d only be too happy to help if I can.

Warm regards, Tom Reincke

PS: There is one little disclaimer that I want to mention here before you leave this page. I am not a financial advisor. I'm a property investor.

On the same token not all financial advisors are property investors. While I find that very strange, the point I am getting at here is if you want to find out how to do something, does it make sense to find out how to do it from that someone?

Certainly have any information checked out before you do it - in fact my disclaimer is that before you act on anything financial you must get licenced financial advice.

All I offer is my perspective from having been there done that. And yes, I'm pretty happy with what property has done for me and can do for anyone that wants to invest into it the right way.

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