Beach Front Property: Those that have it love it. For those that don't they'd love to have it!

Beach front property has long been a favorite with Australians. Most of us live on the eastern sea board within two hours of the water and any real estate within sight of the sea is always in demand.

Our affinity with it does not taper no matter what State or territory of Australia you are in.

Canberra of coarse has no beach front property and is excluded of course but if there’s no beach we’ll find or make some lake front property if we can.

However, Australia has some 37000kms of 'girt by sea' and property development along the coast line is always in demand.

One of our great past times in the Aussie psyche mixes BBQ’s with boats and water and the odd quite beer. It has been that way since Adam was a boy and will remain that way until the second coming and beyond.

Good ocean view property primed for consistent capital growth is supported by services that cater for a diverse and aging population.

New developments focus on world class design and inclusion of facilities and it increasingly includes greenhouse inclusions like power grid feed back, low voltage fit-out and minimum water use devices for everything.

While long established beach front property in popular locations like the Gold Coast is predominately high rise construction with views that are hard to beat.

There are many estate agents that deal specifically in this type of property. Some in Queensland Australia and others cater specificlly for this type of property Australia wide.

Low level sea side housing in new estates should include security, quality fixtures with all mod cons and proximity to recreational facilities like world class golf courses, marinas, medical and recreational services. The baby boomers are not only demanding it but are prepared to pay for and can afford it.

Again there are specialist development companies that do this very well. Remember, the sea change demographic go to sea side destinations for all the benefits and brilliant lifestyle that the sea and its view offers with money in their pocket.

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