Buying Rental Property. What motivates you, what concerns you and what will it cost?

Buying rental property is both emotional and strategic. While never more emotional than for first time investors, the strategy that applies should be the same for all investors.

Unfortunately emotion or rather negative emotion is what stops many want-to-be investors from buying an investment property far too often.

They become concerned about things they don’t understand and never take the time to have someone actually sit them down and explain or solve their concern.

Unfortunately I’ve seen it cost many buyers literally 100’s of thousands of dollars. Because property continues to grow in price every year!

As far as strategy for buying rental property goes, every one is individual and one size does not fit all. We all have different incomes, outgoings, allowances, daily and family needs and even financial goals and time left in the work force either by necessity or enjoyment of and the list goes on.

However, whatever strategy used, you must evaluate any property with numbers and know what any proposed investment is going to cost you. While buying any investment should be mathematic, the figures between one investment and another can be easily shown to be dramatically more expensive.

Buying rental property should be a financial decision not an emotional one!

And you will only obtain accurate figures by putting accurate figures in and you will only obtain the lowest holding cost by claiming all the allowances on well selected bricks and mortar.

As I was saying on the previous page...

Vision Finance Solutions ABN: 33 1206 59501, a Perth company run by Director Kevin Morris, Financial Brokers Licence 3861 conduct personalized strategic workshops for serious investors who want to know not only what their figures are and holding costs would calculate out to, but also what makes good property selection.

Now there is a nominal fee of $49 for a 2 to 3 hour session. The actual time will depend on how many questions you have. The fee is charged simply to cover sundry costs and to identify only those people who are serious about their investment future.

This is an information packed session that lifts the investment lid for many that attend and leaves you much more informed about your investment future capabilities.

If this is a service that you think would be of interest to you, simply complete the form below and a representative from Vision will return your enquiry promptly I'm sure.

Note: In order to personalise your session with Vision try to provide as much of the information as possible.

Details for a Personalised Vision Finance Workshop

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1) Have enough money on which to retire or retire early
2) Provide for the family
3) Capitalise on my income and equity position
4) Save Tax
1) Not sure how best to do it
2) The future of Real Estate prices
3) Borrowing money
4) Being able to afford the repayments
E)100k +
A) <50k
B) 50 -80k
C) 80-110k
D) 100k+
A) <5 years
B) 5 – 8 years
C) 8 -12 years
D) 12+
A) $400/wk towards an investment
B) $200-300/wk towards an investment
C) Around $100/wk towards an investment

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