Cash Flow – One of Two Critical Elements To Property Investment

Cash flow is as necessary as equity when it comes to property investment. As you start or continue to grow your portfolio you will be limited by either cash flow or equity at some stage. 

While equity can be gained through capital growth or capital improvement which either takes time, renovation, development or even sub-division skills, it is money in your pocket over and above depreciation allowances and tax structure that I want to talk about here. 

Cash flow is king in any situation because it gives you options and it gives you insurance that you can meet your commitments, particularly if your cash flow increases as time passes.


Cash flow comes from working longer hours which unfortunately are self limiting because there are only so many hours in a day. Alternatively you can leverage your time as you do through borrowing money for an investment through a business.  

However, a business or perhaps a traditional business is not every ones cup of tea in spite of the fact that many people dream of starting up their own business. History shows that it is often a high-risk, high-investment game. Bankruptcy unfortunately leaves you with a mountain of debt and no second chance. 

So what are your options to generate more cash flow?


One that I would like to share here taps into the e-economy.


We all know that the internet economy is booming, despite a severe worldwide recession and it continues to grow at more than 1 Million new users a day. By 2010 every third person will have internet access!

Not surprisingly, shopping the Internet offers you an infinite amount of choice from the comfort of your own home so why not make a decision to become a part of it.


Traditional businesses might be floundering worldwide, but the e-conomy is definitely booming with more and more people shopping on-line daily.


Standing at the vanguard of the online shopping revolution, poised to change the rules of the online shopping game, is a company called DubLi. DubLi is an online Shopping web site (opens in a new window).


Some background info for you…


The conventional online auction model as used by eBay is worth $79 billion annually.  

DubLi represents a new shopping auction model , (opens in a new window - or click the banner below) Fun Shopping
where prices decrease with each bid!

Such ingenious ideas, combined with an ambitious global reach, present an opportunity to those looking at e-commerce to take a serious look at what DubLi has to offer (opens in a new window or click the banner below)
DubLi Network because it enables everyone the opportunity to set up a global business without the traditional expenses: office space, employees, currency conversions, and customs are simply not part of the picture.

Seems incredible? It’s not, and it's possible to become a part of and share in this booming economy to solve your cash flow future right now!



You can view a video explanation of DubLi here (opens in a new window)

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