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Please read the disclaimer below about the information presented on this web site.


Because in Australia we live in a legislative environment that protects people that seemingly can't take responsibility for themselves or don't have the capacity to know what is advice and what is knowledge.

Yes, what seems to be common sense to many just isn't suppose ably to others. The thing about common sense unfortunately is that it isn't that common.

How so? If you attend your friend’s kid’s birthday party and your friend’s neighbour who just happens to be a successful investor gives you a tip to buy this property or that property, they in fact break the financial advice law!

Now it doesn't matter that he actually may now own half a city through his go-get-em investor knowledge and proven investor history! That counts for absolute zip because legislation says that he doesn't have a certificate to say that he can give that advice.

However, here is what you can do. Have a chat to Fred Nurks son Billy who dreams of being the next property Tycoon and thinks that he can make a quick quid by advising just how it is done. After all, he is fully 20 years old and now owns his 19 year old car and has been to financial investment school to get his certificate. (And soon he will also stop using pimple cream!)

Anyway, he can now legally advise you on just how your money could be invested.

Spot the stupidity? But don’t worry; legislation is here to save you from thinking that the neighbours friend that now owns half a city might actually know what he is talking about.

You now have to be warned, cautioned, advised, informed or have bought to your attention where you may in someway know or be confused for thinking that what you hear or read construes to financial advice from somebody that does not have the official paperwork to be able to do so. (Don’t worry about Billy, he’s fully qualified complete with a certificate)!

So for your information or if you are in anyway shape or form unsure let me categorically state my disclaimer for this web site very clearly:


WealthWithProperty.com, Tom Reincke and Travel Quest Australia Pty Ltd, and its related businesses herein referred to as WWP makes no representation and gives no warranty as to the accuracy of the information in this document and accepts no liability for any errors, misprints or omissions herein (whether negligent or otherwise). WWP shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising as a result of any person acting or refraining from acting in reliance on any information contained therein. The author Tom Reincke is NOT a licensed investment advisor or planner; a licensed real estate agent; a licensed financial planner or advisor; or a qualified or practicing accountant. All information contained herein has been obtained by the author solely from his own experiences as a property investor and is provided as general information only. No reader should rely solely on the information contained in this publication, as it does not purport to be comprehensive or to render specific advice. As such it is not intended for use as a source of investment advice. All readers are advised to retain competent counsel from legal, accounting and licensed investment advisers to determine their own specific investment needs.

In short the above disclaimer means that you must obtain your own financial advice before you do anything and all of the following is general in nature and not to be acted upon without authorization or approval of your own licensed financial advisor.

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