The Australian Government Economic Stimulus Plan and The Monetary Benefits To You

In addition to the Green Loans program whereby you can be one of the 380,000 homes to receive a Home Sustainability report designed to save you money on your home energy bill and to contribute to reducing green house gas emissions, the plan includes other incentives for you, your family and business and local community.

The Government plan is looking to fund projects which will have lasting benefits for communities across the nation including...

The ceiling home insulation program for around 2.7 million Australian homes (your download PDF opens in a new window)


Increased rebates for solar and heat pump hot water systems (your download PDF opens in a new window)

In addition it provides support and funding for...

* Education * Community Infrastructure * Road and Rail * Housing * Bonus Payments * Work Opportunities

Discover what's available and what is going on in your community now

This is a fantastic tool to see what is happening in your community. Simply enter your POST CODE in the Widget. It will open in a new window and be sure to scroll down and click the links.

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If you've not yet got your FREE Home Sustainability report then hurry as they are funding and or time limited.

The Australian Government are offering you these home assessments for FREE! It's one of their many 'Green' initiatives designed to tackle the worlds carbon emissions problem. The flip side for you is that it can save you money on your energy bills.

Is there a catch? Yes. It's time and funding limited (What ever comes first). They (The Fed Government - Kevin Rudd and his environment band of ministers) state that they'll fund this to 380,000 Australian households.

That means this FREE assessment is good up until the 380 thousanth house is assessed. After that new legislation says that if you want to sell your house you'll have to pay for your own assessment.

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