Property Investment - I’m Sorry I Didn’t Do It 20 years ago…- (Garry & Patricia Heuvel, BRISBANE)

To whom it may concern.

My name is Garry Heuvel and I became interested in property investing approximately 20 years ago when I moved from Victoria to Queensland. I had discussed it breifly with a fellow employee and became interested but like 99% of the people I didn’t follow it through, (it just sounded too hard) and then when I was made redundant I forgot about it.

About 4 years ago my wife Patricia told me she had made an appointment with an real estate investment company.

The person that we spoke to explained what we could afford and where we should buy and they would arrange the loan.

They took us out to look at a property, which was going to cost more than we had been approved for and when we said we would think it over and not sign straight away they were not interested in us anymore.

All this made me curious so I made further enquiries. I found a chap by the name of Keith who explained property investment from start to finish and it made sense.

We then looked some real estate around Brisbane within 10kms from the CBD with Capital Growth the main priority and did a lot of homework and talked to others about areas and what type of property we should purchase.

We purchased our property (a town house) in March 2000. While I was working it was cash positive, but after I was made redundant again a year later, the rent increased to the extent if I was still working full-time I would own at least another one or two properties, (Town Houses or Units).

I am sorry I didn’t so this 20 years ago as I would have enough to retire comfortably by now, however as is the case for most people like me WHY DO TODAY WHAT YOU CAN PUT OFF TO A LATER DATE?

The answer… I wasn’t game to commit, I didn’t have the knowledge on how to do it, and because of that I wasted a lot of money (other peoples) that I didn’t use for my benefit.

I have now learnt from my mistakes and it gives me great pleasure to pass what I have learnt on to others so they can perhaps pick up the ball and run with it a lot earlier than I did.

Garry Heuvel

Toms Comment

Garry is probably very correct when he says he is or was like most people when it comes to investment.

Putting off what you could be doing today to tomorrow has proved to be a sorely missed opportunity for many.

If I could have a dime for every time I have seen and heard that I could solve the current account deficit in a single deposit!

However he now sees the great benefits of what he has now done and I suspect that further investments are just around the corner.

Picking up the ball and running with it is great. Doing it as early as you can has proved to compliment the bottom line enormously.

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