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The Australian Government are offering you these home assessments for FREE! It's one of their many 'Green' initiatives designed to tackle the worlds carbon emissions problem. The flip side for you is that it can save you money on your energy bills.

Is there a catch? Yes. It's time and funding limited (What ever comes first). They (The Fed Government - Kevin Rudd and his environment band of ministers) state that they'll fund this to 380,000 Australian households.

That means this FREE assessment is good up until the 380 thousanth house is assessed. After that new legislation says that if you want to sell your house you'll have to pay for your own assessment.

More below... but read the graphic first.

Green Assessment Card


Green loans - As soon as you’ve made up your mind that this is a good thing to have for your home -(not to mention your pocket), simply enter your details in the "Green Loans Home Assessment" box below and we'll book your home for an assessment.

We'll also include right now

"33 Top Tips to easily save money on your energy, water and travel bills" instantly

Plus tick any added info that you would like and then simply click the 'Send info now' button.


SPECIAL NOTE: As stated above, 'sustainability report legislation is slowly being phased in around Australia that will require every house that is sold to have a sustainability report prior to sale. It's already happening in Canberra and as of Jan/1/2010 it starts in QLD and will roll out around Australia by May 2011.


Basically it makes sense to be in the 380,000 who get this for free now. It's valued at $250.00 and will take 60 to 90 minutes to have your house assessed!

Green Loans Home Assessment

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