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Health and Fitness is the other half to mortgage and financial fitness. I hope you enjoy this bonus download.

Health and fitness ebook bonus graphic But first let me explain...

Hello, and welcome to something slightly different to Mortgage Broking, however the subject is something that I consider every bit as important and is why I would like to offer it to you.

Mortgage Broking to a large extent looks after the finances and food ingestion, yes what we eat, looks after you.

While money, its management and accumulation is important, I am yet to see a luggage rack on a hearse.

That’s to say that unless you remain healthy to be able to spend it in your latter years, it’s rather farcical to do all the right financial things now only so as to retire early beyond your wishes and be the richest person in the cemetery!

Personally I consider food to be the magic pill of health and fitness and let me add well being. To think that a tiny pill the size of a match head (like so many over the counter drugs) can have marked effects on the functioning of a human body is quite remarkable given the fact that every day we eat plates full of body medicine without a second thought to its affect on our bodies!

Yes, food is medicine and we are what we eat. We can’t be anything else!

Health and fitness does not come from fried chips and meat pies!

Certainly we make an effort to eat right but even when we do that, what is the very evident affects? Were predominately fat! Yep amazing but true! Were fat if you haven’t noticed! Think about this however because the outcome should be blatantly obvious to a logical thinker.

Never in the history of supermarkets has there been so much lite this, light that, no fat this or that, low fat, no sugar, zero sugar, make believe sugar, cholesterol lowering flavour enhanced, colour enhanced, reconstituted stuff available every where!

And yet all of us are getting fatter. I mean it should tell you something. If your a baby boomer, how many of your friends parents were fat, if any? Can you think of one? Don’t worry if you can’t because being fat or should I also now be a sensitive new age guy and be politically correct to protect the pathetic excuses of those that provide them for being over weight… and say, “weight challenged”!

Well being weight challenged is a sure road to health and fitness problems.

Recognising that you’re fat and committing yourself to doing something about it is the first step to regaining the health that you should have. Thus giving yourself every chance to retire in a lifestyle that the money you accumulate now will allow.

So weigh up to yourself and get healthy today. Make today your starting day!

As you might have guessed by now, I have a slight passion for healthand fitness and have done all my life. Some time ago I got myself a Dip of E.S & F.M and wrote this little excerpt from my learning’s and life practices.

While I would like to write a full book on the subject one day of which this will probably be included, here is some information on a passionate subject of mine that I do hope you enjoy.

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