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Why I wrote my book, 'Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden In Your Mortgage and 9 damn good reasons for using a mortgage broker'

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Hello, First up just a quick personal word about why I wrote my book.

While it was never meant to be a best seller, it was written to be a great read simply because it was written with my passion to share information to help you with your mortgage and finance matters.

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If you are reading this because you’ve already had a FREE appointment to evaluate if we can ‘Make Your Mortgage Work' for you, I’m guessing that you are now a client because you have seen first hand the benefits of dealing with a mortgage broker and in particular me.

If you have bought this book in a shop or received it as a gift then I can only look forward to you joining my ever growing list of happy clients very soon. Let me say in advance you are very welcome.

No matter how you have come across this book however, I hope it has served its purpose. If you are like most of my clients, your loan structure and mortgage savings are a lot healthier because of it.

Let me add that if you have enjoyed this read and would like to help others, simply have them call me or forward their details and I will happily give them a call on your behalf to arrange their own FREE appointment to evaluate if we can ‘Make Their Mortgage work’ for them also. And yes I’ll also give them a FREE e-copy of this book.

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Or... if you have received a post card similar to this one, simply forward it to friend that you think would appreciate your thoughts in sending it to them. Yes you may even get to enjoy a FREE resort holiday with them! (See why and how when you fill in your details below)!

And let me say thank you in advance for any recommendations of my service or this book to anybody. It is largely because of your word of mouth endorsements that I have built a large and happy client base.

Of course I also offer My Ultra Special FREE '3 for 3' Resort Holiday Thank You – to you as a mortgage holder through for your recommendation of just 3 referrals who take out a mortgage through

To find out How you can enjoy a 3 Day FREE Resort Holiday (on me for just 3 referrals, plus why I wrote my book, 'Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden In Your Mortgage and 9 damn good reasons for using a mortgage broker'!) simply fill in your details below and I'll send you the full details.

By the way its pretty easy to qualify for this 3 day jaunt to the magnificent Rafferties Resort. And yes, it is a totally unique referral program to mortgage broking services.

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