Investment Portfolio Software... (let the figures do the talking!)

Investment Portfolio Software lets you quickly and easily conduct a property investment analyses on any potential purchase within minutes.

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Figures that you would only expect your accountant to be able to produce... (and after years in the investment world can I tell you that there is no sure bet about that either!)

However, this will give you the figures on absolutely every thing that you need to know when assessing the value of any particular property to you as an investment.

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It's then a simple matter to take, fax or email the reports that the Software creates (in less time than it takes to cook a kettle) to your accountant or financial advisor.

What reports will it give you?

Investment report(Summary) - This includes details of projected internal rate of return (IRR), tax benefits and investment capacity.

Investment report (descriptive) - This details all of the information relevant to the specific investment

Cash flow analysis report - This gives a tabulated breakdown of all the items that contribute to the cash flow in the first year of the investment and cash flow projections over time.

Capital gains tax report - This show capital gains tax liability (for Australia) if you sold your investment property

Home loan report - This gives you an segmented break-down of your home loan, and the total interest paid.

Wealth builder report - This gives you Wealth Builder spreadsheet of all investment properties and includes projections of property values, income and expenditure, as well as graphics of Investment Equity & Net Worth, Loan to Value & Debt Service Ratios and After-Tax Cash Flows.

Linked loan report - This gives you a detailed analysis of projected loan payments and balances, equity, and tax benefits

Custom report - This enables you to collate any report report including various reports and graphics screens

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