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JV partners are simply two businesses who come together to offer their customers a value added service that compliments all participants where it is of benefit for both businesses to do so.

For example:

* A car manufacturer would naturally JV with a tyre company.

* A pencil distributor would naturally JV with a text book buyer

* An airline would naturally JV with a holiday resort

And so is it with my mortgage broker business. I like to JV with businesses that have customers who want my non-competing services. In the detail of the JV it means that I can offer my JV partners customers a valued product and they can also offer my customers a valued added offer in return.

As a mortgage holder through or a customer of mine who has a copy of my book ‘Discover The Fortune That Lies In Your Mortgage and 9 damn good reasons to use a mortgage broker, simply turn to chapter 9 to see some of the great deals and incentive offers that my JV partners offer you to do business with them.

And while there are some unconditional terms that we both have to adhere to as partners under this arrangement, there are many advantages of becoming a partner of

If you’d like to know more about how to become involved simply give me (Tom) a call on 0410 66 5971.

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