MFAA Initial Compliance is a 'Must Have' Qualification to Operate As a Mortgage Broker

MFAA Initial Compliance Pack Certificate

MFAA Initial Compliance certificate

The MFAA Initial Pack is segmented into four sections.

The Compliance Essentials covers:

* Trade Practices Act

* Code of Banking Practice

* Financial Services Reform Act

* Anti-Discrimination Act

* Financial Transactions Reports Act

* Foreign Investment Review Board

The Privacy Act

This provides what the privacy act is, what it means to you as a broker and what it means to breach the act

The Consumer Credit Code

This provides for an overview of the UCCC, what it does, impact on borrowers, penalties for breaches and advertising requirements to name a few.

MFAA Standards and Operating Guidelines

This covers the:

* MFAA code of Practice

* MFAA advertising guidelines

* MFAA code on alternative forms of remuneration

* MFAA disiplinary rules and finance broking contracts

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