Money and Investment - Your Mortgage is About Your Money Your Investment... an introduction to saving you time, money and effort

Money and investment is what your mortgage is all about and so are the contents of this book. It also includes the 9 Damn Good Reasons for using my mortage broking services.

As I explained on 'My Services' page and let me repeat here...

If you need to save time, money and effort in achieving the best mortgage for you so that you'll have more time to spend on things you'd rather be doing with the money that you don't have to waste on any unnecessary fees, charges or wrong mortgage choices and do it all with as little or as much effort as you please,


Get the service you expect from a mortage broker which means you get the benefit of my:

1) Product knowledge

2) Investment Background

3) Service Delivery and

4) Use of State of the Art Software that is used to ascertain just what loan or loans are best suited to your circumstances and the reasons why,


Become a 'Client For Life' Member of mine so that you never have to worry about whether your mortgage is working for you ever again, then you'll want me as your mortage broker and also like the contents of my book.

Here is a brief look at the contents of my book covering the:

1) Foreword

2) A quick personal word about why I wrote this book

3) And the index


Mortgages are about money and investment and your mortgage is about your money your investment. Mortgage Brokers are about getting the best value for your money by identifying, evaluating and choosing the best loan for you with the features and benefits you want with minimum fees and the lowest rates.

After all, if you're like many of us, a $1 saved is a $1.30 or more earned (pre-tax) so it makes financial common sense to save money on your mortgage where you can. This can rapidly increase your monetary worth in a relatively short time, and lets' face it, in a capitalistic world money makes the world go round.

Understand also that money and investment are not a dirty words and you should be commended for your pursuit of them. Why? Because you cannot spend love in the supermarket, simple! I've tried and no matter how much love I offered they would not give me the food I wanted to feed my family without paying for it – with money!

If you understand the depth of the two paragraphs above then you and I are on the same wave length suffice to say I'm all for love and there is not and never will be a replacement for money.

If you want to help anyone to any great degree then lots of money (and think about it, money and investment go hand in hand) will go a heck of a lot further than not much money and so where better to start on getting more of it than with your mortgage.

Now for most of us we only get one mortgage that is either extended or refinanced one, two, three times (maybe more for some) in our lifetime. So every 7 to 10 or so years we head off into the financial world and try to choose a loan product that will serve our best interest for the next 7 to 10 years.

Using the same analogy do you think you could kick a football, bake a cake or drive a car perfectly if you only got the chance to do it every decade or so?

No is the correct answer and nor should you be expected to either and it is one of the very reasons that you should use a Mortgage Broker. A good Mortgage Broker will write between 50 to 150 loans or more in a year and can become your right hand man about money and investment and in gathering the information that you need to find a loan product that best suits you.

That also implies that when it comes to money and investment, they will also save you money (sometimes lots of it) by matching your wants and needs perfectly and arranging or at least demonstrating how you can save a fortune on your mortgage by comparing products, payments, features, benefits, fees and charges etc. Always remember that it is your money and investment, your mortgage and you pay for the privilege of having it for many years. Even a small saving of $500 a year for loan A over loan B for 30 years is a very healthy $15000.00!

When it comes to money and investment, the cruel part for many who go down the solo Mortgage hunting route or go to their trusted banking institution for no other reason then they have banked there for years is that they don't know.

After all, what banking or lending institution (even though they should share every thing they know about money and investment), will ever provide you the choice in loans that a Mortgage Broker who has access to large array of mortgage products can?

No-one is the correct answer here and you can't blame them because in normal business practice why would they? They have one product to sell and it's theirs!

And although my services are FREE to you, I am free to present almost any loan product by a vast array of lenders because each lender pays Brokers a fee for writing any given loan on their behalf and there is very little difference between what the lenders pay Brokers. It means financial gain provides little incentive or persuasion to any loan product or company recommendation. Further, all payments are disclosed to you before you obtain your mortgage and are only paid after your loan settlement.

Mortgage Broking services in Australia have followed the overseas trend of expanding into all aspects of money and investment, loans and lending with very good reasons. All of which you are about to discover.

This book will (or should) have most of you ringing a Mortgage Broker before you finish reading it.

And rightly so; to use an analogy, 'It's your money and investment Reg… or is it Jan'! By-the-way you'll get a special invitation to do just that in Chapter Six. If your already convinced that you need to speak to a Mortgage Broker you can call me now on 0410 66 5971.

Just a quick personal word about why I wrote this book.

Firstly while it was never meant to be a best seller, it was written to be a great read simply because it was written with my passion to share information to help you with your money and investment, mortgage and finance matters.

If you are reading this because you've already had a 'Make Your Mortgage Work For You' demonstration, I'm guessing that you are now a client because you have seen first hand the benefits of dealing with a mortgage broker and in particular me.

If you have bought this book in a shop or received it as a gift then I can only look forward to you joining my every growing list of happy clients very soon. Let me say in advance you are very welcome.

No matter how you have come across this book however, I hope it has served its purpose. If you are like most of my clients, your loan structure and mortgage savings are a lot healthier because of it.

Let me add that if you have enjoyed this read and would like to help others out, simply have them call me or forward their details and I will happily give them a call on your behalf to arrange their own, 'Make Your Mortgage work' demonstration. And yes I'll also give them a FREE copy of this book.

And let me say thank you in advance for any recommendations of my service or indeed this book to anybody. It is largely because of your word of mouth endorsements that I have built a large and happy client base.

Of course I also offer My Ultra Special FREE 5 Day Sensational Resort Holiday Thank You Offer To You As A Mortgage Holder Through for any 3 referrals that I do receive. (See chapter 10 for full details)


Chapter (1) Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden In Your Mortgage (and 9 Damn Good Reasons For Using A Mortgage Broker) Page (11)

Chapter (2) Special Bonus… Your Real Estate Investment Guide Made Easy - 15 Stress Free Steps to Property Purchase Page (39)

Chapter (3) Advice To Mortgage Owners – By A Very Sad and Very Sorry Ex-Home Owner! Page (59)

Chapter (4) Confused by Lenders and Loans, Features and Benefits, Costs and Fees – Don’t be, here’s your straight forward answers Page (67)

Chapter (5) How I Can Save You Money Hand Over Fist With Your Mortgage Page (82)

Chapter (6) It Seems Incredible That Anyone Could Be Drowning In A Sea Of Debt When One Financially Smart Move Could Open Up A Sea of Opportunity Page (125)

Chapter (7) Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden In Your Mortgage - My GUARANTEED offer to you absolutely FREE! Page (130)

Chapter (8) When You Want A Great Deal This Is Where To Get It Page (148)

Chapter (9) To People Who Want The Services of A Mortgage Broker But Don’t Know Where To Start Page (139)

Chapter (10) My Ultra Special 5 Day FREE Resort Holiday Thank You Offer To You As A Mortgage Holder Through Page (151)

Chapter (11) What Every Body Ought To Know About Their Mortgage Broker Page (155)

Appendix (1) Essential Mortgage Broker qualification check number one Page (156)

Appendix (2) Essential Mortgage Broker qualification check number two Page (157)

Appendix (3) Essential Mortgage Broker qualification check number three Page (158)

Appendix (4) Essential Mortgage Broker qualification check number four Page (159)

Appendix (5) How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying, ‘No I Haven’t Read That Boring Stuff, But I’ve Been Meaning To?’ Well Now There’s No Excuse. Page (160)

Chapter (12) 14 Options… What are you going to do now? Page (166)

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