A Mortgage Broker (in Perth, WA) That Is Totally Confident That He Can Save You Both Time and Money

Alex Palmer has a very straight forward approach to the benefits that he brings to his clients and for me sums up the reasons why anyone wanting to borrow money should be using a Mortgage broker.

While those that are now using a broker for their financal needs no longer need any convincing of the time and significant cost savings many have made by using such a service, here's your option.

And Alex puts things clearly into perspective for people considering using his mortgage broker service:

* First up, before you sign anything make an appointment with him. It won’t cost a cent and he comes to you if you prefer.

* When you have discussed what options are available to you, you do not have to proceed

* Loan structure, (and increasingly so for investors) is vitally important from day one of any purchase

* He will absolutely positively save you money compared to any bank offer

* Having a very experienced background in the industry Alex gives you really good advice for zero cost

* Finally, you get to be able to have this advice checked out by your accountant or financial advisor to be absolutely sure that it is right for you.

And because the loan market is constantly changing, Alex is also happy to offer this service to you absolutely free if your current loan is older than 12 months.

From my point of view, that means that you can get a financial check up just to make sure your still getting the best deal that the market place now offers, absolutely free. Plus it may even uncover further savings and benefits.

You can contact Alex with your question or request for a free financial check up via this spam free email box that will go directly to Alex.

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