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Mortgage Broker News...

Do you want to be able to choose a loan from any of 32 lenders with tailor made options clearly explained in plain English?

And do you want the sort of service that you’d be happy to recommend your friends to?

Yes? Obviously for most people this is a definite yes!

Let’s face it. Money and mortgages can be a confusing minefield for many home owners, mortgage hunters and investors. You have so many choices to choose from it should be easy, but the stumbling blocks and mine field of information is all too much if you’re doing it without specialised help that’s available.

You have to consider and wade through a plethora of... fees, charges, terms and conditions, rates, payment schedules, credit cards, ATM facilities, online access, early payment penalties, minimum withdrawal amounts, maximum limits, over drafts,...

And the list continues... redraw, line of credit, low doc, no doc, fix rate, split rate, interest only, investment, home owner, first home owner, professional rates, exit fees and the list goes on and on! –

'And that’s all in an effort just to make an educated decision.'

How on earth can you be expected to work through this barrage of information that simply has to be deciphered ‘long hand’, in order to find what’s best for you when your busy doing what you do best at your own work.

And let’s not try to calculate the cost in both time and money for you to do all this and remember, that’s before you even make application!

Well I have some very good news for you!

Firstly, you don’t have to do all that work or spend all that time because I can do all that for you and I can do it for you quickly and easily with state-of-the-art software.


Secondly, I won’t charge you a cent to do it! Yes my services are free to you because the lenders pay me for creating business for them. And no, the lender won’t give you an equivalent discount by going direct to them. And they won’t give the before, during or after service that I’ll give you either unfortunately.

I guess that’s why more and more people use my broker services every day.

Yes, I have access to more than 30 lenders and literally hundreds of loan products (over 1631 and counting), and will show you a complete run down of your mortgage selection process. Starting at the beginning where I’ll work through what your circumstances are and the flexibilities and benefits that you’d like your loan to have.

I’ll then show you the differences between the most suitable loans for you and explain in plain English, why one is better than another and how and why you can save money, time and effort using my services and mortgage advice.

I can explain how you can…

* Put more money in your back pocket and less in the banks

* Add that magnificent extension that you’ve long dreamed about

* Take that deserving long overdue holiday

* Invest for your future financial security

* Protect your family with the insurances you need (…and none that you don’t)

* Enjoy the freedom of being your own boss with the finance that you need for your own business

* Live on interest free credit, save a fortune and pay your home loan off in record time

Yes, getting your mortgage to work for you the right way pays. In fact my book reveals examples that show savings of between $57,300 and $133,097 on a $300,000 loan over 30 years!

And I can help you save money and achieve your lifestyle goals like this because by using my services you not only get to see what I do for you in a step-by-step process using...

1. The product knowledge and information that I have at my finger tips

2. My investment background spanning more than 20 years

3. My service delivery excellence with assistance from one of the largest mortgage aggregators in Australia and

4. All the benefits that come with mortgage specific State-of-the-Art Software

Further… I proudly and blatantly offer you my Personal GUARANTEE.

"I guarantee you a wide CHOICE of LOANS and personalised SERVICE you'd be happy to recommend your friends to"!

Always remember, your home is your castle and your investments are your financial security and...

Always take the opportunity to review your mortgage regularly. Refinancing or debt consolidation can save lots of money… (and relationships!)

Yes, you can reap huge rewards by using a Professional Accredited Mortgage Consultant.

If you‘d like the opportunity to put my Personal Guarantee to work for you then…

Discover The Fortune Book Cover Discover your options with my FREE mortgage report now and receive a FREE e-copy of my new book - revealing your step-by-step guide to securing the best loan for you!

You can call me direct on 0410 66 5971 or use my online make your mortgage work demo appointment form

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