A Mortgage Broker That I Can Highly Recommend If You Live In NSW - (I've used her financial services for years)

I have used a mortgage broker and specifically the mortgage broking services of Sharryn Amesbury for nearly 12 years.

During that time she has had calls from me out of the blue saying, 'Sharryn, I am thinking about buying this or that. Can I afford it or more to the point can you get me the money?'

Sure enough the stock standard response is, 'Give me an hour or so or can you wait till I get back to my desk and I'll look at it for you?'

And then on cue Sharryn would ring with sometimes a question to confirm a couple of issues or state an out-right, 'No you can't buy that' or 'Yes, go ahead buy it.'

I mean what more do you want from a broker!

Anyway I have enjoyed and can thoroughly recommend Sharryn's services because she does what has to be done and does it time after time.

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