Mortgage Broker Software and FREE Software This Mortgage Broker Uses

The mortgage broker software that I use is the PLAN Australia software that was designed by brokers for brokers. In brief, it is nothing short of fantastic both in its ease of use on my side and its shear capability of finding and comparing loans for you.

You'll find more on just what this excellent program can do (in part) in chapter 5 of my book titled - 'How I Can Save You Money Hand Over Fist With Your Mortgage' (link to go here shortly). .

You'll also find and be able to download FREE software that I use all the time. In particular is the Screen Capture software that I used to illustrate my book which includes many clarifying pictures that I think helped to tell a very clear story.

Yes, I really did find that a picture is worth a thousand words and made this chapter in my book link of book here so much easier to write.

This screen capture software proves to have a thousand uses for me. I take a snap of bank details, pictures, PDF file content when it has been locked for access and all sorts of other things. The snap or screen capture pic that you take saves to your desktop in a .jpg formate and you simply store, upload or send in an email. All very quick and ever so convenient.

In fact, the pic.jpg below is a pic used from the very screen capture software that you're looking at right now.

Free Screen Capture Software image

So go ahead and download the zip file now with my compliments... FREE Screen Capture Software
And yes, as with any downloadable software available on the net, you use it at your risk. That just means that you have to be sure as to it's source. ('I uploaded this to my website as a zip-file, so when you download it simply unzip it and save it to a spot where you can find it (Your desk top). If your like me, you'll use it often and always know where to find it.

Now because the screen captue software above automatically saves Jpg to your desk-top, I have included my Jpg to Bmp converter (and vice-versa) as a FREE download for you too.

It's an awesome tool! Very easy to use. Simply drag and drop bmps to make jpgs or vice versa. Drop as much as you want in one go, or turn off auto and do one at a time. It saves to the same folder as the original. And... you can compress the jpg!

This is great for sending pictures via email to keep attached files small and sending times fast!

Again its a zip file, so do the same as above. So with my compliments here is your FREE Bmp to Jpg to Bmp Converter software