My Mortgage Consultant qualifications

Being a Professional Mortgage consultant requires two accredited basics. And for your information and assurance I have included them here.

First is that you possess a Certificate IV in Financial Services. Note that Michael and Tom are one and the same – (Being an official Document it’s ‘Michael’)

Mortgage Broker certificate

because you have been deemed competent by a Regulated Training Organisation in

Mortgage Broker certificate esults

And TWO that you have completed the MFAA initial compliance pack including UCCC, Privacy Act, Compliance Essential, MFAA Standards and Operating Guidelines

Mortgage MFFA certificate

Certainly there are many more qualifications that you can gain as a Mortgage Broker and while I have always done further education of some sort throughout my life, from my perspective as an investor and Mortgage Broker, I value life skills most highly.

Life skills teach you many things and I guess the second most valued skill that I see as most important to the job role of Mortgage Broking is that of customer service skills.

Personally I can remember the days when customer service was quite prevalent. Yes, even service stations had attendants that not actually filled your car with fuel and then they actually cleaned your windscreen and checked your oil. I mean how good is that!

And can you remember when banks used to call you to tell you that your account is over drawn? No, (for those too young) it’s not a lie. It’s true. What do they do now? Just slap you with effectively a $30 to $50 fine! (Sorry fee)!

So yes I think customer service skills and what makes customer service in the eyes of a good Mortgage Broker is a skill or the service delivery of that skill that I value or take great pride in supplying.

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