Professional Expert Advice and Amazing Software Provides For Excellent Service And Great Product Selection

Professional Expert Advice

As a member of PLAN Australia through Brokers Choice, I have immediate access to the very latest research on any and every commercially available and ethical product in the market which obviously provides the 'all-embracing' information necessary for you to be able to choose the most suitable loan for you.

Because the resources are so extensive and there are products in the market to suit almost every circumstance, we can be very ethically flexible and innovative in the ways in which we can structure loans to help meet your particular lifestyle and financial needs.

A powerful function of the software is that it can present any loan from any of the Major banks or lending mortgage providers in the market in a very easy to read and understand format. And it does it on a true comparative base and is the only way to discover the actual differences between loan products.

This reveals the competitive analysis between any or all of the lenders. This obviously gives you both a huge choice and advantage in that no bank or lender is left un-scrutinised.

Excellent Service and Great Product Selection

Obviously property is my passion and I specialise in many types of home, investment and refinance type loans. Certainly financing can be complex but with state of the art software that can in essence do the 'hard work' for you, a number of suitable comparable options for your situation can be presented to you for easy evaluation.

And that I guess is the massive advantage of operating with arguably the industries leading software that so many brokers would love to get their hands on. If your broker cannot offer you both choice and in-depth comparisons for a true competitive analysis figuratively or in graph form on any of the products in the market then I want to hear from you.

Between us, I can give you any comparison in less time than it takes to say 'that is simply amazing' slowly. And amazing it is! And yes when I say slowly I apologise in advance for having to wait all of about 3 seconds for my computer to gather this information for you.

(Is lining up at each and every bank still seem like an attractive option to you? Especially now that you know you can have all that work, time and effort done for you in seconds for FREE!)

New information hot of the press is supplied from every lender and uploaded to the PLAN data-base everyday. It is then immediately updated electronically on my personal business computer as soon as I log onto the internet.

From a professionals point of view even other brokers are amazed at the tools and resources available and that in the end ensures we find the absolute best product to suit your needs at virtually the touch of a mouse button right their in front of you at your kitchen table.

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