'Real-Life' Property Investment Stories By Every Day People

Property Investment is not just for the rich. Quite simply it's for every day people just like you and me. In fact, as you read through the following stories you will be able to not only relate to at least one of them, but you will also start scratching your head and mutter to yourself, "If these people can do this then why can't I!"

The answer of course is that you can. The only real reason that you haven't yet is either knowledge or motivation.

I truely hope that this web site gives you the knowledge and these stories give you more than enough motivation. Happy reading.

From Apprehension to Personal Property Investment Success – (Julie MacKenzie, MELBOURNE)

Firstly I would like to personally thank you Tom, if it was not for your support, encouragement, patience and knowledge with my millions of questions I would not be in the great financial position born through property investment that I am today. Read Julie's story

Real Estate, Investment... Property Investment Evolution - (Robert & Mon, BRISBANE)

Our focus in life has always been to provide for our own comfortable retirement. As employees we were working in the traditional way towards a government forced super and possible government pension. Read Robert and Mon's story

From Farmhand - To Financial Freedom – (Tom Reincke, MELBOURNE)

Since he was a youngster, one of Tom Reincke’s ambitions in life has been to become financially independent by age 40. At 36, the one-time farmer and grazier, now flight attendant, is well and truly on the way. Read Tom's story

Lifting The Veil – (Russell Shields, MELBOURNE)

I was 29 years old when someone opened my mind to investing and creating wealth.I originally had no understanding of capital and how assets grow in value over time. All I knew was that I was determined to have a better future that involved a higher income. Read Russell's story

The Wisdom of Age and Freedom of Divorce Gives The Green Light To Property Investment And Now That = Money - (Wendy Clark, MELBOURNE)

Dear Tom,

Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story in regards to Investing in property.

Although I started buying property later in life, I am still delighted with the outcome because in the end it converts to money and that is what gives us the ability to live to our chosen lifestyle. As you will read, I encountered a few distractions along the way and could have had a better outcome had I stuck to my original goals.

Anyway, I hope my story will encourage readers to get involved in property – start as early as possible – and don’t let anyone try to discourage you because they think you are “top heavy” in property.

Read Wendy's story

A Dream, Determination and Savings Commitment Pays Off - (Vanessa & Derrick, SYDNEY)

My name is Vanessa and I’m 33 years old. I am married, now earn an average income and currently own 3 properties (with my husband and the bank!). My property investment story began in 1996 when I purchased my first home, with my then fiancé, in Moonee Ponds. Read Vanessa & Derrick's story

Three States, Five Houses, Time To Learn The Mistakes! – (Graham Hampson, PERTH)

Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of your Personal Property Profiles. The only twist is that this is a "what not to do guide", as opposed to a success story. I just hope that someone reading this will take note and learn from what I have done. Read Graham's story

I’m Sorry I Didn’t Do This 20 Years Ago…- (Garry & Patricia Heuvel, BRISBANE)

My name is Garry Heuvel and I became interested in investing approximately 20 years ago when I moved from Victoria to Queensland. I had discussed property with a fellow employee and became interested but like 99% of the people I didn’t follow it through, (it sounded too hard) and then when I was made redundant I forgot about it. Read Garry & Patricia's story

A Little Bit of Encouragement and 3 Properties Later a Comfortable Retirement Will Happen - (Greg Billet, SYDNEY)

My name is Greg Billet and my investment life started just after my 30th birthday. I look back now and would like to have started much earlier but not only was I was too busy having a good time overseas, I was terrified of having debt of any sort! Read Greg's story

20 Years Of Life And Investment Reveals Some Valuable Lessons - (Trevor & Ros Wickham, BRISBANE)

Ros and I married on 3/12/1983. I had just joined the Army as my new career aged 23. Ros was a fully qualified Hair Dresser and this has always given her great employment opportunities. Our assets were an old 1973 Valiant, about $1,000 in the bank and a few odds and ends of furniture handed down from our parents. Read Trevor & Ros's story

Basically, If You’ve Got A Job Just Do It! – (Zac Karvoun, MELBOURNE)

Good Afternoon Tom. I have not had a chance to put together my story in length but can I say in a few sentences thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with all who reads my experience first hand as an investor but more importantly as a Property Manager. Read Zac's story

Always Have A Plan, Invest In Growth Assets, Budget & Live Within Your Means… - (Dominic Biviano, THE GOLD COAST)

Tom before I tell my story about my undisciplined approach to investing, I should have actively listened to two people in my past. Both gave me sound advice; however I led with my heart and not my head. Read Dominic's story

It Only Took Me 36 Years To Get Out Of A Fast Spending Lifestyle Into A Steady Growth Property Asset! - (Mike Heals, BRISBANE)

My earliest investment advice came from my dad who would always say buy your own home. While it has eventually proved to be excellent advice I think back and shake my head that I didn’t do it earlier. In fact knowing what I know now I wish somebody took me by the scruff of my neck and shook some financial investment sense into me at a very young age. Read Mike's story

The Final Word From Someone Who Is Enjoying The Fruits Of His labour! - (Retirement According to Ken, The Globe Traveller)

Retirement according to KEN: Having retired at age 52, I decided to try many of the things I hadn't had time for while working. I joined Bicycle Victoria, and participated in a variety of their cycling tours in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and also in New Zealand. Cycling enables you to look around and see the country close up.

How many times have you traveled by car or bus and flashed pass something and wondered what it was? Read Ken's story

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