Real Estate Golf Property: It’s a dream for many and a reality for few!

Real Estate Golf Property – Face it… the reality for those that hate golf in Australia is that they belong in the minority. Further, the reality of anyone not wanting to live on or near a golfing fairway is even less.

And ask any red blooded male too old to play football other than kick to kick with the grand kids, if they could handle having to play golf when ever they liked and then being able to walk back to home just off the 16th hole, (after a session at the 19th) and you’d get a resounding YES Please!

Why? Consider why this is attractive property. You get to have a security monitored but open grounded landscape with a feeling of space and serenity. Remember the, “ahh feel the serenity’ by Michael Caton in the Castle? Well that was at the airport!

One would be hard pressed to top the ‘serenity’ of grass green manicured turf spotted with crystal white sand bunkers complete with some friendly grazing kangaroos, birds in the trees and fairways the perfectly fit the undulating landscape. Picture this lined with architecturally designed homes and you have the makings for an excellent peice of real estate.

And because this is a club you gain a sense of community which for many retiring couples is very high on their list of priorities.

Is it in demand? Yes for all of the above reasons and much more. Prime residential property on golf courses is in short supply and as we now know, anything that makes for a lop-sided supply demand equation will attract premium purchase prices and drive capital growth.

If residential property on golf courses anywhere in Australia is of interest to you then you'll find this a great golf property resource

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