Real Estate Investment Forum... (Your medium to read 'Real Life' property investment stories by every day people)

Real Estate Investment Forum is also your opportunity to contribute your own property investment story.

People just like you (and me) love to read other investor stories and if you have a story that you think would fit the bill for this forum then we'd love to hear it.

You will see an entry form below where you can do just that, but for the moment if your new to this site lets reiterate that property investment is not just for the rich.

As you will read shortly, it's for every day people that are indeed just like you and me. In fact, as you read through the following stories you will be able to not only relate to at least one of them, but you will also start scratching your head and mutter to yourself, 'If these people can do this then why can't I!'

The answer of course is that you can. The only real reason that you haven't yet is either knowledge or motivation.

I truely hope that this web site gives you the knowledge and these stories give you more than enough motivation.

Happy reading and yes, if you have a story please go ahead and send it in. I'll even send you a bonus complimentary suprise report for doing so.

Building My Wealth One House at A Time - From Apprehension to real estate Investment success – (Julie MacKenzie, MELBOURNE)

Building my wealth through property investment is now a reality but firstly I would like to personally thank you Tom, if it was not for your support, encouragement, patience and knowledge with my millions of questions I would not be in the great financial position that I am today. Read Julie's story

How to Build Wealth with Property on an Average Income - (Tom Reincke, Melbourne)

How to Build Wealth with Property on an Average Income is the end result of Tom's investment learning curve covering nearly 20 years.

Since he was a youngster, one of Tom Reincke’s ambitions in life has been to become financially independent by age 40. At 36, the one-time farmer and grazier, now Flight Attendant, is well and truly on the way. Read Tom's story Read Tom's story

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