Real Estate Investment Loan, 's' Home Loans, Home Extension, Debt Consolidation... and why you would use my services

Real Estate Investment Loan (s) are just a part of My *FREE* Services but first let me explain...

Before becoming a Broker myself, I used a broker for my own property portfolio finance to save me money, time and effort. My aim is to help you do the same.

By sharing my 20+ years investment experience and utilizing state-of-the-art software I discuss and help you identify the best mortgage or refinance solution for you guided by your wants and needs. And yes my service is FREE.

And unlike any Bank or Lending Institution you get the freedom and flexibility to select from a wide range of loan products with varying features and benefits. (Standard bank & lending fees and charges obviously apply).

“I’ll show you the differences between the most suitable loans for you and explain in plain English, why one is better than another and how and why you can save money, time, and effort using my services and mortgage advice!”

- If you then like what you see I take care of the rest - simple, easy, fast and hassle FREE!

So if you’re looking to make your mortgage work for you like it should call me today on 0410 66 5971 or via this link about how you can...

* Put more money in your pocket & less in the banks or

* Buy that beautiful new home or

* Add that extension you’ve always dreamed of or

* Live on interest free credit, save a fortune and pay your home off in record time or

* Protect your family with the insurances you need or

* Enjoy the freedom of being your own boss with your own business or

* Enjoy the tax advantages of a company vehicle

Yes there are many benefits to using an accredited mortgage broker but here are 9 Damn Good Reasons as to why you'll love using my free Mortgage Broker services.

1. You'll save Time (opens in a new window)

2. You’ll save Money (opens in a new window)

3. You’ll save a lot of Personal Effort (opens in a new window)

4. You’ll have access to a wide Choice In Selection – And a complete Competitive Analysis (opens in a new window)

5. You’ll receive Professional expert advice (opens in a new window) 6. You’ll receive our Smooth Efficient Service plus you’ll get our bonus… (opens in a new window)

a. Real Estate Investment Guide Made Easy- 15 Stress Free Steps to Property Purchase

7. You’ll receive Fair and Ethical service – Governed by a Strict Code of Ethics (opens in a new window)

8. You’ll deal with a market leader who possesses an exemplary Reputation – PLAN Australia (opens in a new window)

9. You'll automatically receive the Wealth With Property’s Service Guarantee (opens in a new window)

...which also includes my Personal Guarantee which is part and parcel of ‘A Good Mortage Broker' (opens in a new window)

My services include the following products

* Home Mortgages & Loans

* Home Extention and Renovation loans

* Investment property finance

* Refinancing and Debt consolidation

* Revolving line of credit mortgages

* Commercial Property finance

* Vehicle and equipment financing

* Mortgage protection insurances

* General Insurance

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