Real Estate Investment Loans, Home Loans, Home Extension, Debt Consolidation, Revolving Line of Credit, (in fact everything money and loans and my free services)

My FREE Services include: Real Estate Investment Loans, Home Loans, Home Extension, Debt Consolidation, Revolving Line of Credit, in fact everything money and loans

My service is purely focused on providing you with choices and solutions that you can’t get from any one Bank or Lending Institution. And let’s face it, why would Bank A recommend any product supplied by Bank B?

With a finance service broker, you have the freedom and flexibility to select from a wide range of loan products including Real Estate Investment Loans, home loans, debt consolidation and special loans with varying features and benefits. This means you will be able to make an informed decision based on a broad selection of suitable loan products from many lenders, and good advice.

This will save you a lot of footwork, time and money.

You’ll also notice with regular monotony that the marketplace is full of colourful advertising hype about Real Estate Investment Loans, home loans, cheap rates, low fees and special deals and for the person who is only exposed to the immediate needs of their own loan from time to time, it can be confusing!

And what is a great deal anyway? Is it lowest rates, or lowest fees, or is it a long honey moon rate? Perhaps it’s having the option to pay more and being able to do so more often without penalty. Is that the great deal?

What is your great deal? Remember, what can be a great deal today could turn out to be a nightmare tomorrow if your circumstances change! This can happen for example when the interest rate is the only deciding factor when choosing Real Estate Investment Loans, or loan products.

All of a sudden a year or two down the track if you break your leg, have a baby, lose your job, get married, shift interstate or want to buy an investment property and you ‘now’ need flexibility in your Real Estate Investment Loans, then problems arise.

Typically this happens all too often and it is only now that it becomes apparent that more focus or emphasis should have been placed on the flexibility offered by some loans as opposed to the lowest rate or other enticing but limiting factor.

Money in the end is a commodity and lenders segment their Real Estate Investment Loans and associated products fittingly in the market and each product has a purpose.

My service is firstly about identifying what your current financial circumstances are and what your future needs are expected to be and to then supply you with available loan products in the market place that meet your known criteria and suitable for you to select from.

By the way I do this for you at absolutely no cost and use the most up to date product data and industry leading software (which is updated daily) to enable you to compare and select a loan package or Real Estate Investment Loans package that is suitable for you.

Yes this will save you huge amounts of leg work, time, and money. By having daily updated software I can tell you in an instantly about things like maximum loan amounts from any of our panel of lenders through to the massive differences between fortnightly and monthly repayment schedules and other little known but huge savings that can be made on your loan at the click of a mouse button.

I take the hassle out of dealing with the lenders for you And then once you have made your decision I’ll prepare, lodge and manage the approval process right through to settlement.

I also ensure that you receive all eligible discounts and other benefits.

Why? Because when I arrange a suitable finance package for you I am paid (after settlement) a fee or a commission by the Lender that you select, for the work that I have done to advise, prepare and introduce the loan approval on their behalf. (These payments are very similar between the lenders and are totally transparent).

There are no additional fees or costs to you other than those you would have been subject to had you walked directly into your selected loan provider. (All applicable Lender and Government fees obviously still apply).

In addition, you will become a classified member of my Wealth With Property client base which is a member of the Buyers Choice Home Loan Advisory Service Pty Ltd.

This will see you receive a complete home loan folder for all your relevant paper work and loan details to be stored in with reference to local services that we believe will help you long after you have secured your loan.

It also means that you gain a ‘Client for Life’ status which will see your loan reviewed on a regular bases and personal contact from my office (and yes sometimes me) to ensure that we keep your loan fine tuned and to ensure that our services meet your changing needs as required when required.

Personally I hold a Certificate IV in financial services and I am a Full Member of the Mortgage Industry Association of Australia. This means that I have recognised and proven qualifications and expertise in the mortgage industry. A requirement of being a member of MFAA is to also be a Member of the Credit Ombudsman Service Ltd (COSL)

My services include product availability for almost every finance situation required. In essence it is a ‘one stop shop’ for your finance needs.

Products available are:

*Real Estate Investment Loans - *Home loans - *Land Loans - *First Home Buyer Loans - *Investment Loans - *Equity and Line of Credit Loans - *Home Improvements - *Deb Consolidation Loans - *No Deposit/100% Property Loans - *Reverse Mortgages - *Vehicle and Equipment Finance - *Commercial Property Loans - *Business Finance - *Debtor Financing - *Personal Loans - *Deposit Bonds -

And for you total selection of choice, The ‘Buyers Choice’ of Lenders on our selection panel includes more than 30 loan providers:

(In alphabetical order)

*Adelaide Bank - *AFIG Wholesale - *AMP Banking - *ANZ - *Australian Life Insurance - *AXA - *BankWest - *Bluestone - *Equity - *Citibank - *Colonial - *Commonwealth Bank - *Deposit Power - *Deposit Saver - *GE Money - *Heritage - *HLP Mortgage Co - *Home Building Society - *Homeloans Ltd - *Homeside Lending - *HSBC - *IMB - *ING Bank - *Keystart - *Latrobe - *Liberty Financial - *Macquarie Mortgages - *Maximis Loans - *National Australia Bank - *Newcastle permanent Building Society - *Pepper Home Loans - *RAMS - *St George - *Bank - *Suncorp Metway - *The Rock - *Vision Equity living - *Westpac

Contact information:

WealthWithProperty T/A Travel Quest Australia PTY LTD ABN: 92 092 592 526 Company Address 13 Markwell Street Kingaroy, 4610 P.O. Box 1051, Toombul, QLD, 4012 Mb: 0410 66 5971

If you would like to email me you can do so here

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