Reputation is Paramount In The Mortgage Broking Industry And Its Something That's Proven Over Time

Reputation – PLAN Australia: As with anyone we deal with we want to be sure that their operating conduct is of the highest order particularly when our finances and family are involved. Apart from having one of Australia's largest financial services companies as a shareholder, PLAN Australia (Professional Lenders Association Network of Australia) is Australia's largest mortgage aggregation group, servicing around 2,000 mortgage broker members.

That has seen the PLAN group of Mortgage Brokers settle approximately 100,000 loans in the past year worth close to $24 Billion.

PLAN Australia through Brokers Choice are the mortgage aggregators who give me or more accurately give you access to a broad range of lenders. They supply the technology, training and support that enables me to deliver the service that I promise you in the most professional and efficient way. An adjunct to this is the pure convenience of electronic lodgment of your loan application for example.

In simple terms, PLAN are a mortgage group that directly supports the independently owned businesses like and through that process are very different to other 'Groups'.

Certainly they are very selective as to who comes on board as a member and stipulate strict guidelines for any member. For example, minimum education standards are a "must" for being part of the PLAN group - even though there is no national industry regulation requirement.

PLAN Australia is nearing its first decade of business which makes it one of the first companies particularly of size in the mortgage industry as the broker service industry expanded in Australia.

This makes for a very stable, progressive and integral company that enjoys a reputation of excellence and professionalism in the lending market from both a competitor and customer stand point.

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