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To whom it may concern

Investment, property! I was 29 years old when someone opened my mind to creating wealth.

I originally had no understanding of assets grow in capital value over time. All I knew was that I was determined to have a better future that involved a higher income.

At the time I was selling my time for money in a job and that all the people I was working with were doing the same and many had been doing it longer than me.

They had no answers to the success riddle and most were conditioned into accepting their lot in life which was to work hard for money and hope everything turns out OK.

I realised that many people were wealthy and they did not appear to work harder than myself.

They saw and used opportunities that I could not see. I felt that I was not in any position to take advantage of these opportunities or so I thought.

I sought answers to my questions on how I could achieve more and work less.

I found that residential real estate had the most leverage for my small amount of capital and the least amount of risk if I was properly educated on its inherent risks by successful and 'literal real estate accumulators'.

Statistics show that real estate grows on average 10% per annum over 10 year periods if selected in close proximity to major capital cities. Holding a longer term view enables me to purchase in any time cycle knowing that I will get results.

Strategic Financing enhances the returns on your bricks and mortar portfolio and accelerates your wealth creation plans and provides an edge over most borrowers.

Improving my knowledge by reading books on every thing 'real estate' allowed me to make better value judgments on my search criteria and results.

The more information I have reduces the fear I have when making decisions involving money.

I happened to meet Tom some 3 years ago at an seminar and through the grapevine was asked if I would contribute my investor profile so that others might gain from my experience to date.

I am very happy to do so because I now see people every day about what I have and continue to do with passion. I joined Wise Investment some time ago and know in talking to people that what many people lack is the correct information and a touch of cold feet.

If I can summarise two points from my experience for would be investors it would be:

1) A secure financial future requires that you do something 2) It is easier than you think when you know how

So I encourage every body to chase your possibilities, learn every thing you can about investment and find people that can help you along the way.

Russell Shields

Toms comment:

Russell defines what a job is. The bottom line really means selling your time for money. It's about using what you have to your advantage.

Russell endorses that: 1) A secure financial future requires that you do something

While there is much to learn and property is a subject that will always provide new material to evaluate, Russell does point out that:

2) It is easier than you think when you know how

I also joint Russell in saying information and knowledge really is the starting place for any wanting to get into the market.

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