Your Service Guarantee of Wealth With Property Mortgage Broking Encompasses Eight Distinctive Qualities

Your Service Guarantee

Part and parcel of any business that offers a product and service is the GUARANTEE that they offer you. Not just meaningless babble, but one that they are happy to publicly boast about. set out to be an industry leader as a Mortgage Broker and looked at what was required to be able to achieve that. With research we discovered what you, the people in the mortgage market, wanted from a Mortgage Broker.

Having been in front line customer service with Ansett Australia and the Queensland Police Service and calling on market research of, Professional Services Marketing - by Neil A. Morgan, we understand that our customers, you, are our business.

Incidental feedback and supporting surveys suggest that you, the customer in the market, rate the services of a Broker on a number of qualities. This sort of market information incidentally would have most industries walking over broken glass to have!

So what are the qualities of a good broker as rated by you the customer?

Qualities of a Broker - Incidental feedback and supporting surveys suggest that customers rate the services of a Broker on the qualities of:

* Reliability

* Responsiveness

* Competence

* Access

* Courtesy

* Communication

* Credibility

* Security

* Knowledge and understanding

* Tangibles such as would be evident by under promising and over delivering

To be an industry leader as a Mortgage Broker took the view that if 'You asked for it... We'll deliver it.

Incidentally, an introspective look at a long list of competing Brokers in the market seems to convincingly confirm that is the only broker that also publicly and very proudly states to deliver what the buying public, you, has asked for in a Broker service.

If you are already a client of you will have experienced our 8 Point Service Guarantee by which we operate our business. If this is your first experience of us we not only welcome you, but we are always keen to let you know how we can help and service you as our client.

Given that most people looking for a mortgage broking service want to save both time and money with their mortgage application and on getting the best mortgage for them, we also understand that our responsibility and passion for what we do is totally complimentary to achieving that.

Our commitment to you from your first enquiry through to your requested outcome follows what we call our Golden 8 Service Guarantee.

Therefore our Golden 8 Service Guarantee in our business with you includes the following standards of service...

1) Friendly and approachable

2) Reliability and communication

3) Competence and courtesy

4) Access and responsiveness

5) Credibility and security

6) Knowing me knowing you

7) Presentation, feedback and Client for Life Status

8) Product Match Guarantee

1) Friendly and approachable: We know that politics and money are two subjects that people either love or loath to talk about. We like to think that with our natural enthusiasm with what we do (organizing the best mortgage that money can buy you) and our ingrained customer service focus, you will find us extremely approachable and always friendly. And while we tend to leave politics well alone, your experience with us in relationship to the money side of this subject equation we believe will be second to none.

2) Reliability and communication: One of my biggest business beefs is that businesses deliver what they say they can and do it in the time frame that they said they would do it in. And if not, advise the client (you, me) why. From first contact forward our goal is to listen to and identify how we can help you and that all of our following communication with you will be as regular as it should be, clear and consistent to achieve your purpose in wanting to deal with us.

3) Competence and courtesy: We pride ourselves on our ability to offer you a service second to none. We also understand that buying a home or investment property for many, especially if it is their first time can be as daunting as it is exciting. We also understand that finance, mortgages, loan products and the services we offer is our specialty not yours and therefore make it our priority to explain the recommendations that we do make carefully and fully.

4) Access and responsiveness: We aim to give same day service. If you happen to call out of hours or at a time that we are with other clients, or on a plane, or in central Australia (as happens from time to time) and you need to leave a message, we guarantee to return your call as soon as we possibly can and not longer than the next business day. Simply we value your business and a reply to your call will never be purposely delayed.

5) Credibility and security: Having been a long time investor in both shares and property myself, I know first hand that it was extremely important to me that my broker was both creditable in their honesty, trustworthiness and reputation, acted with total integrity and that my financials and related paperwork was secure between us. I believe that delivers exactly the same for you. See Chapter 8 (To People Who Want A Mortgage Broker But Don't Know Where To Start!) and Appendix 5 (Privacy Policy)

6) Knowing me knowing you: Not only a great Abba song but a Golden service element that we use so that you know much about us and we know much about you. The web site, particularly the 'My Services' tab tries to give you a great insight as to what and who I am and from your first contact with me I make it 'our' business to know and fully understand you and your needs so that we can individually tailor our service and products for you. (Again, see Chapter 8 - To People Who Want A Mortgage Broker But Don't Know Where To Start)

7) Presentation, feedback and Client for Life Status: We strive to be professional and relatable in every thing we do and care that you see us that way. As your Broker we also give you Client for Life Status. The client for life status with means many benefits. Not only has our service to you just started with our door always open anytime that you may need help or changes in your financial future, but we actively review your loan from time to time on given anniversaries or as the market dictates.

It automatically means that you also reap my knowledge, skills, understanding and personal experience in investing and finance which enables me to meet your needs and expectations from a position of practicing what I preach.

Coupled with a customer service background and a love of what I do you can count on me being both an approachable, understanding and considerate helpful resource that will provide considered feedback as required. Certainly my history of homeownership and investment track record along with current Mortgage Brokering knowledge enables me to be empathetic to most finance situations.

I insist in having a high level of trust with anyone that I deal with and therefore strive to build and deliver the exact same expectations in the relationship that I have with you. It really is I believe the core of our Client for Life Status.

The operational secret is our client relationship management (CRM) software that is built into the PLAN software. It ensures that I can deliver you an A class (CRM) 'system of service' and this enables me to easily develop our relationship both in person and by automation where appropriate to do so.

The CRM easily enables a dedicated focus is maintained to servicing our Client for Life strategy. It allows me to contact you with relevant information or requested material that I know you would like to know more about from previous requests or recommendations. And yes you can be sure that I'll even make a fuss of the most important things in your life like your birthday or known anniversary and not forgetting loan reviews or value added services relevant to your mortgage.

Core to your information source will be the web site and accompanying professional services because Mortgages, loans and all things money is much more than just organizing a loan with your mortgage lender.

You will find that when money is involved like a mortgage on property for example, you will need to consult with a range of professional services such as solicitors, settlement agencies, financial advisors, property development or developers for things such as property purchase, investment, Wills, Estate planning, Powers of Attorney, insurances for both personal, life and property and the list goes on.

8) Personal Guarantee: One of the things that I personally believe in any business dealing is an informed customer gets what they want and I apply exactly the same thinking with the service that I deliver to you. Therefore:

I guarantee to do all I can to provide you with the best loan and services available, explain exactly why in plain English and have you gladly recommend my services to others because you’re totally ecstatic about your outcome and the service I deliver!

We know that you and all of our customers have and will appreciate our Golden 8 Service Guarantee that you experience when you talk with us for a solution to your financial needs. In fact we quite blatantly strive to offer service that is worthy of a testimonial and encourage you to leave yours if you believe we have lived up to our Golden 8 Service Guarantee.

If after dealing with us you would like to help others that are possibly in the same position as you were before securing your mortgage through us by confirming any of our Service Guarantee, we welcome you to email your testimonial to us via our web site. Obviously we would like the chance to consider your testimonial for use on our web site, future books, and other marketing opportunities, advertising and promotions.

Note: If you send us a testimonial via email or by post, we will confirm with you should we choose to use it publicly. And because video is an excellent median that can be used on the web we may even seek your participation in a video.

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