Showcase Listings property 1 – THIS IS MORE THAN A HOUSE IT’S A HOME

NEWSFLASH: As of October the 4th 2012 we are featuring a very special property for sale in Queensland Australia. Certainly we think its fantastic. Take a look at the intro video and text below and let us know your thoughts.

Editors note: (This showcase listings property comes with a very descriptive 'blurb'. For a brief introduction check out the video first.)

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Surely the absolute first and most important thing that you can ever do when building a home that you want to live in personally is to choose a home block with a North facing aspect. Why? Because good design can then take maximum advantage from the four seasons of the year to produce the best possible living conditions and the lowest potential running costs to provide you with year round savings and comfort for your family.

Step inside of this brilliantly designed North Facing home if you want to see and feel the difference - (It's one of the big reasons that this home made this showcase listings page).

Critically, you would then put the living areas on the North Side to use the light and warmth of the sun in winter for maximum comfort on cold chilly Brisbane winter days. These areas would then obviously be shaded and have large deck area to protect them from the ‘stinking’ heat of the Brisbane summer. Obviously you would also include multi-function windows strategically placed to provide maximum cross flow of summer breezes that are noticeably cooled by the venturi effect of neighbouring buildings to create a comfortable natural fresh air living environment.

Yes, you can create a green living environment that turns a house into a home and save an absolute fortune in heating and cooling expenses over the years to come. Clever thoughtful design has its rewards!

A keen eye will reveal that this showcase listings home includes many Million-dollar features designed to save you lots more of the ‘normal’ 800k home running costs and still provide Million-dollar comfort. This home is proof of that. We invite you again to step inside to see and feel for yourself.

Showcase Listings highlight:

You would also be sure to maximise design space to seamlessly include million dollar home features into this 800k home if you could... yes? And that is why this home uses a side entrance to create an gorgeous big ‘open and welcoming entry for family and friends’ and utilises the otherwise ‘normal’ and ‘wasted’ front entry floor space as a brilliantly placed media room that in-turn is now also large enough to be a multi-purpose room that can be used as a 5th bedroom.

Yes, clever, thoughtful design maximises space, adds convenience, comfort and greatly enhances value! Inspection will quickly reveal that this home was built to live in. It’s a home, not a house and it’s a quality that you’ll find is very rare if you care to compare.

A home this size must ultimately cater for adults and kids ‘work/play’ space so you’ll want an office down stairs connected to the IBN away from the hustle, bustle and noise of the kids. Upstairs you’ll want an area big enough to provide bench space for kids home-work and their computers shielded by natural light during the day. Importantly this area should be private yet spacious and open so that parents can easily monitor if required.

Well guess what? It’s included in this showcase listings home. Yes we have done this for you already. It’s just another thoughtful, considered Million-dollar design feature.

Showcase Listings property 1 Kitchen...

You’ll obviously recognise too that a kitchen is nucleus to the home and considered by many to be the most important room in the house. (Closely followed for others by the ensuite but let that be considered shortly). Modern kitchens are now ‘creative’ and entertaining areas. Never has it been more important to connect the kitchen to our lifestyle and everything we do in everyday life which is why you’ll see that this kitchen comes with its own Butlers Pantry to keep things beautifully clean and tidy for when visitors arrive. The Butlers Pantry, complete with a sink, shelving and bench space is a mini kitchen in itself and makes for the ultimate preparation area. Beautiful in its design and functionality!

The kitchen, separated by an island bench is seamlessly a part of and complimentary to the living area (which purposely adjoins the entrance to create space) which fronts to the beautiful North facing aspect of this home. Large glass area takes advantage of the available winter sun while the large deck of the parents’ bedroom above shields this area from the summer sun but always allowing soft natural light to engulf your living space. As you would now come to expect, (particularly as this is a showcase listings property), this opens out to a large coved entertainment area across the breadth of the property. This you will see is absolutely idealic for BBQ’s with ample room for a covered out-door setting and a party of friends.

Yes, it also means the kids can play – under cover if they need to and always in view of a parent from the kitchen and family room.

The kitchen is beautiful in design and ‘Galley in function’ including large bench area providing ample work space, making it super easy and a sheer pleasure to entertain from. It is intelligently divided but seamlessly connected to the living area which is brilliant for monitoring kids and perfect for entertainment.

Yes, while it might now appear that this is such a simple design inclusion, it is clever, thoughtful design that brings this showcase listings property together in the first instance to make this house the home that it is by faultlessly encompassing and serving our lifestyle needs and wants.

When you see and appreciate this for yourself you may well say that simple things really do matter in design. Again, everything in this home is designed with purpose and for a purpose.

Showcase Listings property 1 Ensuite:

The most important room ‘just before’ or ‘just after’ the kitchen!

We’ve all either stayed in a luxury hotel or at least seen luxuriously appointed hotel rooms in magazines and drooled in envy. Why then wouldn’t you include this luxury in your own home? Well this home does.

Your main ensuite includes all the classic features of a luxury hotel bathroom. It has space, it has ambience and it exudes luxury. It has floor to ceiling tiling, just like the pictures you would see in any prestigious magazine. It includes ‘his’ and ‘her’ vanities and mirrors for both, a toilet obviously and a large shower floor area for two... or (3), complete with a water saving shower head and quality tap fittings to die for.

This is an ensuite that matches any VIP hotel suite that you can now enjoy every day. And yes the bed space is huge with plenty of of room for a King bed and side tables.

Again, clever, thoughtful design which in effect is simple brilliance in design pays off. Come see, feel and yes, compare this showcase listings home. We know you’ll be convinced.

Knowing that everybody including family and visitors love their own ensuite you’ll see that this home has two more included. Smart design enables us to repeat the ensuite concept for the 2nd room and for the 3rd room. The third ensuite is provide by including an adjoining door to the 4th room. If the 4th room is occupied it simply becomes a shared bathroom. Yes this also includes a beautiful full sized bath so that you can enjoy this luxury anytime you feel the desire to relax and take a warm soothing soak.

Simple brilliance in design gives this 800k home features you’ll be hard pressed to see in million-dollar homes. Enjoy these added benefits for so much less for years and years to come as the owner of this truly unique showcase home.

What other Million-Dollar features would you like in this Showcase Listings home?

Everybody wants personal space... and cupboard space. They also want privacy and quietness in their own privacy.

Included in your design you would surely want large enough rooms to house at least a queen size bed and provide walk-in cupboard space or wall-to-wall built in robes. And while bed 1 and bed 2 rooms are substantially separated, beds 3 and 4 are designed with their robes back to back enabling maximum sound insulation of approximately 800ml of what is effectively wall thickness separating one room from the other.

In short: This is best practice design at work which also provides such generous cupboard space that many others dream of but rarely include.

All bedrooms would also be placed on the East side of the home to protect from direct hot summer sun yet reap as much warmth and protection of winter weather as possible to provide maximum sleeping comfort year round. Simple in concept, rare to find and hard to incorporate – But not with this home because this home was designed to live in before a spade of foundation dirt was turned.

Again, you would continue the smart window design and function from the ground floor in the upstairs bedrooms for maximum ventilation and living comfort. You would surely also utilise the front and rear of the home to capitalise on open outdoor ventilation, physical access and space by providing big functional balconies for both parents room and main second room.

Incidentally, this home faces north to the city just 16 km away. A view you can now enjoy from the large parents retreat in the main bedroom or perhaps you’d prefer to sit in comfort on your own luxuriously sized balcony. A feature sadly lacking in many Million-dollar plus homes because ‘balcony’s’ are expensive to build and not really valued in the sales process by most builders, but not here. Open the door and step outside onto both of them when you come and see this showcase home.

Yes, with this home you can have this and more because it’s here.

And what about what the eye can’t see or doesn’t notice? - This showcase listings property reveals a lot...

Surely including ceiling fans to your living areas is a subtle bonus that would be enjoyed. Or perhaps it’s the low voltage, low running cost lighting that’s appreciated.

And why have the standard energy rated 3.5R wall insulation when you can have 4R insulation.

Well this house has all that also.

What about large easy clean 600mm floor tiles that exude class and opulence? Yes, this house has those too.

And what about 90x35 timber framing for better construction and ultimate quality – not the 70x35 sized timber that many builders use to save cost and then simply cover up. No you can’t see the framing now but rest assured, behind the wall plaster the frame construction is 90x45.

And what about subtle but ‘oh so convenient’ regressed wall in the garage that can cater for ‘tall stuff’ or allow for shelving to be made flush to the wall for all those nick-knacks that just need a place. Well now you or at least ‘they’ now have a place.

And wouldn’t that garage be even better with an all-in-one slope floor for easy drain that is purposely painted for easy clean? It’s the extra that is a standard in this home!

And how about a direct access private court yard from the laundry to discretely hang the washing out of sight or a 5000 litre rain water tank included or perhaps the convenience and pleasure of a beautiful yet low maintenance garden so that you can enjoy the time you do have off with family and friends?

This home really is about providing you a quality lifestyle. Please – come and see this for yourself.

What other subtle inclusions are included in this Showcase Listings property that are normally reserved to Million-dollar plus homes?

Would elevated ceilings that add to the grandeur of any house, hotel or property be a unique even prestigious statement in your home? The answer is obvious and yes this home has extra high ceilings on both levels.

Again, there really is no substitute for clever, thoughtful design. One might be forced to say, ‘brilliance in design’ and no matter where you look in this home, it has it. Everything has been designed for a purpose. Our aim was to build not just a house but a home. A home that ultimately you would love to live in because it now provides a look, an ambience, a feel like no other residence and is the very reason that we asked you at the outset of this article...


If the answer is yes, come see for yourself. Step inside to see and feel the difference of this truly unique home. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t!


If you are first to inspect this home then please don’t blame us if you fall in love at first sight!


If you leave your inspection too long, please don’t blame us if we sell it before you get the chance to own it. Be quick because you will love what you see... and feel!

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