Smooth Efficient Service is Part and Parcel of Any Broker Worth His Salt

Smooth Efficient Service

Certainly my personal experience as a long term property investor and dealing with my own broker has taught me that when I understood what was supposed to happen, and when, it suddenly removed the unexpected and became a far smoother process and far less stressful to boot.

And to make the whole loan application process as stress free as possible for you too, we aim to provide you with a smooth efficient service by itemizing and tracking everything about your loan from initial selection through to settlement. Yes I’ll be there even after you get to pop the bubbly in celebration!

Now obviously some loans are personal or refinance options and others are new property investment requiring new conveyancy and settlement.

No matter what yours is or will be you can be assured that our process will provide the delivery of service you quite possibly wouldn't expect from us as our system of delivery is totally automated and personalised through our CRM.

This enables us to be personally hands on ‘at the minute’ with your mortgage application. And it allows us to be ‘right there’ should any unforeseen external circumstances occur.

When it comes to your property settlement we endeavor to help you through the ‘Maze’ of what can be a confusing process, especially for those new to this exciting event.

Your mortgage effectively is in our hands and after we have set the ball rolling we advise you of what you will need to do every step of the way.

As a mortgage broker I also recognise that the process of property purchase and settlement is often new to many people and can at times be daunting even to 2nd or 3rd time property purchasers.

To this end and to help you with buying your first home or investment property I've outlined a - 15 step guide to home (or investment property) ownership and the order in which it generally happens to make this event as exciting but uneventful and stress free as it can be also.

By being familiar with the process it will certainly provide a greater peace of mind and personal control of the whole purchase and settlement process and certainly helps us to deliver the service we offer you.

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15 Stress Free Steps to property purchase

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