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Time If you have a mortgage already, and particularly if not all went to plan when you got it then you will realize that time can be of the essence and that time is valuable if you have to pay for it. (Ever had a bank lose/misplace 'The Documents'?)

A great example of saving time for you if you are starting out or seeking a new mortgage however is right at the start of sourcing your loan. You know, when you're out in the market place down at the local shopping plaza or fair going from one bank outlet to another. You line up typically behind a queue of 20 to 30 people waiting to be served. (And by the way, banks call this service)!

You then get to the teller or information clerk and state that you would like to speak to the loans officer about getting a mortgage and you just want to know what loans they have and whether you'd qualify etc etc. Only to be told that they are either with another customer right now or indeed they have gone to lunch, can you come back? Does any of this ring a bell? If you've been down this path before you can fill in the rest of the story for me.

If not, let me tell you it is frustrating, time wasting and damn inconvenient to say the least!

Anyway, this is just your first port of call. You still have at least 30 or more lending institutions to visit because no-one will ever tell you about a competitor's product. I mean why would they? They want to sell you their own loan not a loan from the ABC lending institution down the road.

So some time next week when you have to find yet another couple of hours to spare, you'll make your way back to your local shopping plaza and see Bank number two and go through the process once again.

I'll demonstrate a solution to this a little later but wait on that for a moment because I'll also talk about money and mortgages in far greater detail.

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