Turn Debt Into Wealth - Yes 'My Services' Are About Making Your Mortgage Work For You

Turn Debt Into Wealth... Yes you can have an off the rack mortgage or a 'mortgage that works' for you. There's a huge difference and my Mortgage Broking SERVICES are about identifying that difference and making the most of your debt.

...And not just your mortgage debt, all of your debt including your car payments, your credit cards, your store cards and your personal loans.

But first, two notes...


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Buyer's Choice Home Loan Advisory Service has been established since 1996 and along with network member WealthWithProperty.com offer you a free in-home service providing mortgage advice and assistance 7 days and nights per week.

NOTE 2: Making your mortgage work to build your wealth around the debt you have, want to have or should have starts with the services of a mortage broker for many reasons.

Now, first up... If you're looking to save time, money and effort in achieving the best mortgage or refinance situation for you so that you'll have more time and money to spend on things you'd rather be doing while saving money on any unnecessary fees, charges or wrong mortgage choices,


Get the service you expect from a mortage broker which means you get the benefit of my:

1) Product knowledge

2) Investment Background

3) Service Delivery and

4) Use of State of the Art Software that is used to ascertain just what loan or loans are best suited to your circumstances and the reasons why. (Yes it's software that shows you how to turn debt into wealth because it compares loans, fees and charges on an apple with apples bases. - It means you get what you want and need and nothing you don't!)


Become a 'Client For Life' Member of mine so that you never have to worry about whether your mortgage is working for you ever again, then you'll want me as your mortage broker.

If you think my services sound good and would like to know more then simply reserve your own FREE 'Make Your Mortgage Work' for you demonstration now to find out more.

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Hello, Tom here. You can reserve your own Free 'Make Your Mortage Work' for you demonstration now or if you're a little unsure about 'Mortage Broking' and the services and benefits that I can offer you then here's an invitation...

To People Who Want The Services of A Mortgage Broker But Don’t Know Where To Start

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Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden In Your Mortgage And 9 Damn Good Reasons For Using A Mortgage Broker

Yes! This is What Thousands of Mortgage Holders Have Been Looking For!

As a passionate advocate and author of my industry I offer you my services as a Professional Mortgage Consultant. However, if you are unsure about calling or are not yet sure about what you should know then this is where you can get the information that could save you literally thousands of dollars absolutely FREE!

Certainly mortgage broking is a very popular service eagerly used by many home owners, businesses and investors Australia wide but it is in choosing the service provider or professional Mortgage Broker to handle your private financial affairs that can prove to be a hard choice for many because your mortgage is far too important to leave to chance.

Turn debt into wealth - My Service tips...

* A tailor made mortgage that works for you and not against you is the secret to saving thousands of dollars and many years off your loan.

* Critical to identifying the best financial options for you is State of the Art software.

* Your Mortgage needs to have flexibility for your changing circumstances like births, deaths and marriages over time because that’s life.

* Don’t be caught out by seemingly cheap honeymoon rates and always consider what would happen in a worst case scenario.

* You must be shown a comparative loan check based on similar criteria and you must receive justified loan options.

* Getting your mortgage to work for you the right way pays. In fact my book reveals examples that show savings of between $57,300 & $133,097 on a $300,000 loan over 30 years!

* It also reveals more on lenders, loans, features and benefits, costs and fees, insurances, broker qualifications and a complete run-down of the mortgage selection process.

Yes you get to see what I can do for you in a step-by-step process and as a client of mine you automatically receive ‘Client for Life Status’ and are fully covered by my Product Match GUARANTEE.

I absolutely positively GUARANTEE that I will match you to the best loan available from a wide selection of lenders in accordance with your criteria or I will refinance you into another loan of your stated choice absolutely FREE!

* Always remember, your home is your castle and your investments are your financial security.

* Always take the opportunity to review your mortgage regularly.

Yes, you can reap huge rewards by using a Professional Mortgage Broker.

Are you making the most of turning your debt into wealth?

If you‘d like a FREE ‘Make Your Mortgage Work For You’ demonstration... so we can provide some solutions to turn your debt into wealth plus receive my new book…

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‘Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden In Your Mortgage and 9 Damn Good Reasons For Using A Mortgage Broker …revealing the secrets of mortgages valued at $39:00 then call me now (Hurry stocks strictly limited!)

Want a quick look at the foreword, index and why I wrote this book? You'll find it here (opens in a new window)

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