Wealth Building Information, my snowball to wealth in motion...

Trusted wealth building information I have to admit, has been the cornerstone to my property investment learning curve. You just can’t go past this information source…

While I found most of my friends to be the well intention with their advice in the early years, most of what I was listening to was opinions. And when it came to real estate and investment, I like everyone else had an opinion. I decided that I had to find both a mentor and some good advice.

I quickly found that good advice particularly from a recommended paid advisor at the time, was very slanted to the share market. While the share market paid good dividends for me over several years, I gradually learned what I now believe to be the superiority of property.

I remember too at the time, that there was plenty of property wealth building information to read about and I just could not get enough of it.

I think the first real book that tickled my fancy and stirred my appetite for knowledge into action was a book titled, 'The Australia Dream.'

So much so I actually bought several copies to give to me friends. I then joined a financial investment club to gain more independent advice.

In between becoming a home renovator through necessity and work, I continued to read and took the odd study course on almost anything to do with investment along the way.

And certainly books still play a part in my life but not anywhere to extent that they did.

Although reading has now become of age with much of what I now read, I listen to. Yes there is still the wealth building information that seems to find itself talking away to me in my ears, but I also like some humor now-a-days also.

The beauty with books that talk to you, (better known as 'Audio Books') is that... well at least with books that contain humor is that the comedian themselves delivers the gags.

I do like a bit of Bill Cosby and for that matter I even like some of the old time radio stage plays complete with orchestrated sound effects to create a great scene.

Anyway, how did I get off wealth building information books that I was going to tell you about?

If you’re hungry for information about property investment, wealth building and the like, then I reiterate the absolute priority and importance of reading books by people that have been there done that. Yes I like auto-biographies too and I think for that very reason. It’s real.

Anyway, books are where it’s at. If, like 85% of the population it seems, that you happen to own an ipod and you find the actual task of reading too time consuming or inconvenient, then try audio books. There so much easier.

I have collated a series of business related Audio Books (some 407 titles actually) to give you more than enough wealth building information to get your own snowball to wealth in motion.

Yes they cost money, any good information does (except my book for the moment), but you'll find that for the most part, audio books are considerably cheaper and a lot more convenient than the written version. Plus you can store them on your computer, on your ipod or cut them to a CD.

If you'd like my business audio book catalog , simply fill out your details and I will send you a PDF chocked full of 407 titles for you to choose from. Yes you can listen to excerpts from any of them before you download any.

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