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Yes every visitor to my web site gets a free copy of my book with my compliments - (You can rush to download it below or first read a little of what this book that took me 3 years to write is about and how it too could set you up financially even in todays economic climate).

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Wealth With Property? How to build it on an average income.

So what’s in a title? How do you choose a title for a book? Publishers will tell you to make it short, make it catchy, make it sell.

Well firstly, I'm not selling this book, I'm giving it away so all the commercial focus is not needed because its free!

So when I came to putting a title on this book I decided to call it what it was.

Simply, the words in the title of this book mean...

HOW TO: The very basics required here is a job, savings capacity, and a can-do attitude. The simplistic action is to then to put this into gear and just do it. However, there is a much better way to harness your capacity and that is to learn from others who have done what you want to do.

The ‘how to’ that you will discover here is a culmination of what I have had the good fortune to learn from my education sourced from seminars, advisors, a great many books, mentors and my own hands-on experience; including mistakes that are now all paid for.

Because wealth with property and the many things that affect the success of investment per se over time, your ‘how to’ will be fuelled by what you discover here, but it must be forged by you. It can be done because I started investment with my eyes wide shut and my rewards have been well worth the effort. This information will open your eyes and put you so far in front of my starting point it is feasible that your rewards could be of far greater magnitude. Yes, wealth with property is possible for you.

BUILD: This means you can build your wealth with property in much the same way as a builder builds a house. There is nothing hard in what you will read in this book, or about the mechanics of building wealth.

Working smarter, not harder, to achieve wealth really is quite easy.

In fact, it is harder and much less rewarding to do things the wrong way as opposed to the financially smart way. What you will have to confront is every other emotion that you have. The very first steps will be to build your knowledge. Start with a plan, lay down a solid foundation and then start construction. This is a learning process, which means you can avoid many mistakes.

‘You’ means exactly ‘you’, and not Fred or Wilma next door, nor your boss, sister, brother or anybody else. This book has been written for the person who is going to do it from a person who has done it. They offer my experience, which has enabled me to build the financial security that I have today. Again, I'm here to tell you that wealth with property is possible.

WEALTH: This is definitive depending on the source and the return. Income from a job is not real wealth. It is highly taxed and most of it is needed for living expenses. One million dollars is not a lot of wealth either to someone who is worth 100 million dollars. However, stop 8 out of 10 people on the street and one million dollars is suddenly given a new meaning.

A very small part of your income from your wage can be used however to support the ownership of a growing property asset that you buy with borrowed money. With time, a growth asset provides a real untaxed income.

Building more in capital growth assets than you earn in wages annually could be considered wealth in anyone’s language!

This increase of value will provide you with security to borrow more and own more growth assets. Only when and if you finally sell these assets do you pay a maximum 24.25% tax on your capital growth.

The compounding size of these leveraged capital growth gains will give you the means for a great lifestyle and security in retirement. You will find that property truly offers you the opportunity to build your wealth through investment.

WITH PROPERTY: The average person is not yet wealthy. This means that you may need to choose an investment method that will leverage your small assets many times.

A very real method is property investment. I assume you will read this book and gain the knowledge to choose the right property at the right time, right place, and right price. With informed choices, your property investments should work for you 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and accumulate far more wealth than you will ever accumulate in wages.

Ideally your investments will be geared to your income and maximised to achieving your goal in every way. Depending on the knowledge you want to gain very often determines the amount of wealth that you can achieve.

It is very possible that average income earners can achieve millionaire status inside 12 to 15 years of investment.

Interestingly it has been done much quicker by many focused investors.

AVERAGE INCOME: In context, ‘AVERAGE’ encompasses 3 criteria.

1. You have a job

2. You have equity in a current property or have the ability to save for a deposit

3. You take investment out of the ‘too-hard basket’ and make it your business to learn how easy it is to invest in property

While the statistical average might mean $44,000 annually, it can take many years to achieve it. Therefore, in reality the average wage earner in their working life will earn in the vicinity of about 1.6 to 2.1 million dollars.

After tax and living expenses, this will leave limited funds with which to build your retirement wealth. However, property investment is not just for high flyers. Average wage here purposely means encompassing a broad range of incomes because property investment can and is being done by many people who would describe themselves as being average but for the 3 criteria mentioned above!

After saving the necessary first deposit, which is the only time you will need to sacrifice significant disposable income;

'The secret to wealth is not what you earn, but rather what you do with a little of what you earn.'

No matter what your income is now, low, middle or high, you can still build wealth with property that will allow you to retire in relative comfort provided you start early enough. It really is what you do with what you earn as opposed to how much you earn, and the only difference between a low and high income is the speed at which this wealth building is done, not if it can be done.

I hope that you now realise that wealth with property is not only possible but very do-able even for average income earners.

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